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Petrochemical, Oils & Chemical Exporter Company of Atlas Setayesh Mehr is Honored to be the biggest exporter of , All kind of Paraffin Wax (Solid & Liquid), All kind of Slack Wax (Light & Heavy), All kind of Bitumen, Gilsonite,  All kind of Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly,  White Petroleum Jelly, Snow White Petroleum Jelly, Super Snow White Petroleum Jelly), Telecommunication Gel Fibers, Emulsifier, all kind of Turbine Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Machine Tool oils, Slideway Oils, Neat Cutting Fluids, Soluble Cutting Fluids, Drawing lubricants, Rolling Lubricants, Transformer & Switch Gear Oils, Cable Oils, Refrigeration Oils, Compressor Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Heat Treatment Oils, Circulating Oils, Knitting Oils, Foots Oils, Sodium Petroleum Sulfunat & Granule Wax, from Iran Since 2008.



The second largest OPEC producer, Iran sits atop 11 percent of oil and 18 percent of gas reserves in the world. Every year, the country hosts an international Oil Show in different oil, gas, refining and petrochemical sectors.
Date :  May 6-9, 2014   Tehran, Iran

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