Liquid Paraffin

This product is also known as Mineral Oil, which is a mixture of the refined hydrocarbons (Paraffinic and Naphtanic) which are produced of oil. This product is Odorless and tasteless (when its cold),  and also colorless and oily, which is without florescence in sunshine.
Medicinal Liquid Paraffin, also known as "Paraffinum Liquidum", is a very highly refined mineral oil used in cosmetics and for medical purposes. The cosmetic or medicinal liquid paraffin should not be confused with the paraffin (or kerosene) used as a fuel.
Medical grade of this product is very wide and high in medical and hygienic productions as a base, and also is used as binder, anti-foam, and for making water-proof papers, foils, and in making flow of the machines which are used for nutrients.
Packing: In Steel Drums with net weight 175 Kg and also PE.
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