Bitumen 40/50, 60/70 & 80/100

Iran Bitumen is premium quality of Bitumen which is higher than ASTM quality and exporting to worldwide market. Iran Bitumen packed in highest standard in new steel drum to 25 Kg melt-able bag or 1,000 Kg super sacks also in bulk vessels. 
Iran bitumen is famous bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 also bitumen 40/50 with capacity of 30,000 MT daily production of seven refineries around Iran.
Compere of Iran bitumen with other origin showing the Iran is ranked No.6 bitumen producer in the bitumen market.
Iran bitumen is ranked in No.6 country in production of bitumen in worldwide market
Iran bitumen has high quality in the  world. It is famous to NIOC bitumen and available in different grades, packing  between 10,000 MT to 12,000 MT monthly.

Available packing is new steel drum, poly bag, Bulk bitumen, Bitutank.
Bitumen 85/100, Bitumen R85/25, Bitumen R90/15, Bitumen MC250 or cutback .other grades of bitumen will produce according to order.
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